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Video: Infowars & We Are Change Confront Democrats
Biden admits flip flops on statements about meeting 9/11 financier

Prison Planet | June 18, 2007
Steve Watson

Infowars reporter Luke Rudkowski from wearechange.org has released video taken at the recent Democratic debates in New Hampshire showing his team confronting leading Democrats Joe Biden and Bill Richardson in addition to David Gergen, the former advisor to Bill Clinton.

In the press room after the debate Rudkowski asked Presidential candidate Joe Biden to explain his meeting with Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad two days after the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon when he was acting as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

According to the FBI and as confirmed by various news reports at the time , Mahmoud Ahmad instructed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the alleged assassin of Daniel Pearl, to wire $100,000 to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta in the summer of 2001.

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