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Bombing in Afghanistan wounds four U-S troops and interpreter

Associated Press | June 14, 2005

KABUL, Afghanistan Four American troops and their interpreter are wounded after a roadside bomb blast in central Afghanistan today.

U-S military officials say the attack happened as an American military vehicle passed by on a routine patrol south of Kabul. None of the injuries is believed to be life threatening. The victims were airlifted to a hospital.

A U-S military spokesman says militants can't stand up to the U-S and their allied troops so they must "resort to these tactics."

Another attack yesterday also wounded four U-S troops near Kandahar. Officials say three bombs were also discovered and destroyed in other locations yesterday.

Afghan and coalition forces also killed two suspected militants and captured 13 others in a firefight yesterday after a group of rebels was spotted walking through a narrow valley just north of Kandahar.
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