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China 'asked Australian' to spy on Falun Gong members

ABC News Australia | June 9, 2005

An Australian citizen says he was arrested while visiting China in 2002 and asked to spy on fellow Falun Gong practitioners.

Philip Law, who has been an Australian citizen for 22 years, has told ABC TV's Lateline that he was arrested while in Beijing and held for three days.


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He says plain-clothes security officers grabbed him on the street and asked him to spy on his fellow Falun Gong practitioners in Australia.

"There were around about 15 plain-clothes, obviously police or national security office, they rush from all directions and caught me," he said.

"They asked me to spy for them. They asked me to 'once you go back to Australia, collect all the information we want and send back to us'."

Mr Law says he refused, despite ongoing harassment and abuse from the officials holding him.

He says he is not surprised by the claims former diplomat Chen Yonglin, who is seeking political asylum in Australia, about spying


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