Michael Schiavo pleads case on CNN
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Crowd Of 40 Watched, Did Nothing While Girl Was Raped

The Australian | April 27, 2005

A YOUNG woman was raped by a man in a public toilet in north China as a crowd of some 40 bystanders stood by and watched, failing to help or call the police, state media reported Wednesday.

The incident took place on April 18 in Hengshui city in Hebei province when the 32-year-old garbage collector followed the 19-year-old woman into a public toilet and attacked her, the Beijing Youth Daily said.

Two police officers on patrol stopped to investigate when they saw a large crowd outside the toilet.

They found out a crime was taking place after one of the bystanders told them someone was being raped inside, 20 minutes after the assault started.

The officers arrested the man at the scene.


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