US power giant could get China nuclear contract during Hu visit: report
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US power giant could get China nuclear contract during Hu visit: report

AFP | August 25, 2005

US-based Westinghouse Electric Co could be awarded a multi-billion dollar contract for a set of nuclear reactors during the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to Washington, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Westinghouse is the US nuclear arm of British Nuclear Fuels PLC, and has been vying with companies from France and Russia for contracts to build four pressurized water reactors in China.

The paper said a Chinese official at China National Nuclear suggested a deal could be in the works, but Westinghouse executives said they hadn't heard about their bid.

Hu will meet with his counterpart George W. Bush in Washington on September 7 and is expected to visit the US companies of Boeing and Microsoft in Seattle, Washington.

Although the full details of his schedule have not been announced, Hu will also address the UN General Assembly in mid-September before making an appearance in the western Canadian city of Vancouver on September 17, press reports said.

"Various trade and economic deals will be signed between China and the US that have been put together by different government departments and companies," He Ning, director-general of the America and Oceania Affairs Department of China's Ministry of Commerce, was quoted by the journal as saying.

The paper said He declined to provide further details.

Chinese officials are also in negotiations with the US for an expected order for at least several single-aisle 737s, the paper said, citing people familiar with the talks.

Another agreement involving Chinese quarantine and inspection procedures for US exports to China is on the table, the paper said, citing Chinese quarantine officials.

They declined to provide details.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny