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Sarko Wins One for the Global Elite

Kurt Nimmo | May 07, 2007 

Now that Nicolas Sarkozy has won the French election and appears to be the favorite of the French people—who are apparently as easily brainwashed as Americans, but of course with typical if oft satirized arrogant French élan—we can expect the idea of a supranational Europe, previously rejected by the people of France, to take center stage.

“One thing that both candidates recognize is that Europe needs to be united to be influential on the world stage. The French referendum on the EU constitution produced a shocking ‘no' in a nation that has always supported EU integration,” opines Germany's Deutsche Welle. “It is a top priority to get the European bicycle rolling again, according to Pierre Lellouche, Sarkozy's foreign policy advisor…. The differences between the candidates is more one of approach rather than substance, with Sarkozy being the better strategist.” According to Lellouche, even the top dog socialists in France “admit they'll vote for Sarkozy,” as their primary focus is globalization. Ségolène Royal's big mistake, obviously, was her election campaign promise to seek a referendum on selling France and Europe out to the one-worlders.

In 2005, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso described the French rejection as “a very serious problem,” while insisting it was premature to say “the treaty is dead.” Indeed, Sarko in France, in league with Merkel in Germany and the European Commission, will keep pushing until the globalist “super state” is firmly and irrevocably in place.

In hindsight, it was really quite stupid to allow the French and Dutch people to vote on the dismantlement of their national sovereignty. In North America, slipping in world government by stealth is all the craze, mostly notably with the hush-hush creation of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” in 2005, a much less burdensome process than the European experience, as the people are methodically excluded.

In fact, to this day, if you make noise about this exclusionary, indeed totalitarian process of world government by drib and drab under cover of stealth, you're considered a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut, never mind the very real existence of the so-called NAFTA highway currently under construction in Texas and a flurry of “white papers” and “recommendations” on creating under the cover of darkness a “North America Community” issued by the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales, and other conspirators lurking in the shadows.

Sarkozy's immediate task will be to make sure there are no more silly mistakes and one world globalization remains unflinchingly on track. “The European Commission believes that rightist Sarkozy offers a better plan for the revival of the European Constitution, which would be placed for voting in the Parliament, while Segolene Royal wants to update the constitutional accord and hold another referendum which causes a risk that the constitution will not pass the referendum voting,” Javno explains. “Critics of Segolene Royal consider she did not manage to adequately present her program and that she is not feisty enough to become the future president of France, while on the other hand Sarkozy has showed more edge and feistiness, and his program was more substantial.”

In other words, Sarko was more effective than Royal at insisting France be rolled into the EU—never mind the opposition of a few million French citizens—and that's why he was selected to “win” by the transnational business elite, the international bankers, the kings and queens and princes, and all their bought or compromised chancellors, prime ministers, ambassadors, secretaries of state, ad nauseam.

It certainly helps, as well, that enough people in France were bamboozled—as the Americans were bamboozled twice running—to put a dull shine of legitimacy on this phase of what will soon enough become one world tyranny and global slavery.

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