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Schroeder's denies rumors he will resign

UPI | June 9 2005

Daniel Estulin's Bilderberg sources told him that the Bilderbergers were considering pushing Schroeder aside in favour of Angela Merkel, whose image they needed to change from what many Germans perceive as 'boring'. Both Schroeder, representing the left and Merkel, representing the right, are owned by the Bilderbergers.

Germany's Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder denied rumors Wednesday that he was set to resign.

"I have no intention of commenting on the sort of rubbish which is put out by this or that person," he said.

It had been reported that an anonymous official from Schroeder's Social Democratic Party has said the chancellor was under pressure from the party to resign to make way for SDP Chairman Franz Muntefering, the Deutsche Welle reported.

The opposition Christian Democrats have selected Angela Merkel as their chancellor candidate for the national elections expected in September.



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