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Congress Mulls Support For Saddam's Terrorist Mujahadeen

Middle East Newsline | June 24, 2005

They've used them to destabilize Iraq with bombings and now they'll do the same in Iran.

Congress has been examining the prospect of granting U.S. support to an Iranian opposition group on the State Department's terrorist list.

Congressional sources said several key House and Senate members have been discussing the removal of the Mujahadeen Khalq, or MEK, from the State Department's list of terrorist groups. They said the United States has not obtained evidence of MEK's involvement in terrorism for nearly 30 years.

''Work with the group that the regime dislikes the most,'' Raymond Tanter, co-founder of the Iran Policy Committee and former National Security Council member, said.

Tanter, a former Reagan administration official, has been lobbying Congress to support MEK. He said the Mujahadeen, a Marxist group who was harbored by the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, has demonstrated its effectiveness in providing accurate information of Iran's nuclear program.


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