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Iran slams Rumsfeld over Israel bomb claim

Al Jazeera | July 14 2005

Iran slammed the U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for alleging that Tehran was involved in yesterday's attack on an Israeli shopping mall.

"The declaration by Rumsfeld is aimed at trying to cover up the failure of the United States in the region," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said in a statement.

He said that those mistakes were "clumsy and ill thought out actions by the United States in its fight against terrorism," which had only led to "attacks and the deaths of innocent people".

Asefi also said that the repetition of the U.S. mistakes only increase insecurity in the world.

"U.S. officials see the world behind Israeli glasses and they would not be able to analyze international developments realistically," he said.

On Tuesday, Rumsfeld pointed fingers at both Iran and Syria as he condemned the bomb attack at the Israeli coastal town of Netanya.

"I wouldn't want to suggest that I know about the attack today, but clearly that's been one of the stated and continuous purposes of Iran, to harm Israel," Rumsfeld alleged.

"Hezbollah and other organizations are moving equipment and people down through Damascus into Beirut and down into positions where they can attack Israel for years and years and years and years," he said




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