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Israel to build underwater barrier to prevent attacks

Drudge Report | June 17, 2005

Israel is to build an underwater security barrier on its coastal border with the Gaza Strip in a bid to prevent infiltrations from the sea by would-be Palestinian attackers, security sources said Friday.

The navy-built barrier is expected to stretch out into the Mediterranean Sea for nearly one kilometre (about half a mile)

A first 150-metre stretch will be made a concrete wall with its foundations buried into the seabed near the northern Gaza Strip. A floating metal fence will then stretch for another 800 metres, a report in the English-language Jerusalem Post said.

"In order to provide protection for the Israeli homefront and in order to prevent infiltrations of terrorists via the sea, the navy is establishing a security system which will help stop such inflitrations and alert the security forces," a security source told AFP wire.

It is understood that some of the impetus for the barrier comes from the impending loss of a naval base in southern Gaza, which is home to a vast surveillance system, when the Israeli military pulls out of the territory later this summer.



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