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Newsweek Koran Story Is Multi-Layered Propaganda

Prison Planet | May 17, 2005

The retraction of the Koran story on behalf of Newsweek is part of a wider multi-layered propaganda attack. The goals are as follows:

1) Enrage the Arabs and create more terrorists to justify the expansion of the manufactured 'war on terror'. Rumsfeld's P2OG program, according to the Asia Times, "would launch secret operations aimed at "stimulating reactions" among terrorists and states possessing weapons of mass destruction, meaning it would prod terrorist cells into action, thus exposing them to "quick-response" attacks by US forces. The means by which it would do this is the far greater use of special operations forces."

The real evidence of the desecration of the Muslim religion is published in European newspapers on a weekly basis.


Pakistan dismisses Newsweek retraction on Koran

Newsweek Urged to Do More to Repair Damage

Muslims skeptical over Newsweek back-track on Koran

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong

Anti-U.S. Riot Turns Deadly in Afghanistan

The Muslims see this and it further radicalizes and militarizes them to rise up against what they see as the great Satan.

2) Discredit any previous stories that were similar to the Koran story even though they were 100% factual. Dozens of Guantanamo Bay internees have gone public with the evidence of how prison guards were under orders to disgrace their religion as a means of interrogation.

Related: Newsweek report on Quran matches many earlier accounts

One such detainee, Jamal al-Harith, described how prostitutes were ordered to smear fake menstrual liquid on the faces of inmates.

FLASHBACK: My Hell In Camp X-Ray

Rick Baccus, the head of military police at Camp X-ray was fired because he refused to enagage in this behaviour and also refused to torture.

FLASHBACK: 'Too nice' Guantanamo chief sacked

3) Discredit any future stories that are similar to the Koran story. This has now become the benchmark. similar to how the Bush AWOL story was leaked to CBS by Karl Rov e so it could be disredited, even though again it's 100% factual. In both cases the media purposefully ignored the documneted and admitted truth and instead focused all the attention on one piece of fake evidence.

4) Intimidate all forms of media into being apprehensive about publishing material that may portray the military industrial complex in a bad light.


Newsweek retracts Guantanamo story
Claim that Quran was flushed down toilet led to attacks, killings

Washington Post | May 17, 2005
By Howard Kurtz

Newsweek issued a formal retraction Monday of the flawed story that sparked deadly riots in Afghanistan and other countries, after the magazine came under increasingly sharp criticism from White House, State Department and Pentagon officials.

The magazine’s statement retracted its charge that U.S. military investigators had confirmed that an American interrogator at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility had flushed a copy of the Quran down a toilet. Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker said he thought the magazine had already “retracted what we think we may have gotten wrong” in an editor’s note published Sunday and in media interviews. “We’ve called it an error,” he said. “We’ve called it a mistake.”

But, he said, “it became clear people weren’t quite hearing that and were getting hung up” on the semantics.

The May 1 item triggered violent protests last week in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries, in which at least 16 people were killed.

The damage-control efforts by Newsweek followed criticism by White House spokesman Scott McClellan, who called it “puzzling” that Newsweek, in his view, had “stopped short of a retraction.”

“That story has damaged the image of the United States abroad and damaged the credibility of the media at home,” McClellan said in an interview. He said that Americans, including President Bush, “share in the outrage that this report was published in the first place.”

Whitaker said in the interview that Newsweek is “still trying to ascertain” whether there is any evidence that such a Quran incident took place, as some detainees have alleged. Last year, four former British detainees charged in a lawsuit that Guantanamo guards not only beat and stripped them but also threw prisoners’ Qurans into a toilet.

Newsweek, however, had alleged that the U.S. Southern Command had confirmed that an interrogator defiled the sacred Muslim text.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the story has “done a lot of harm” to U.S. efforts to reach out to the Muslim world.

Rice said she hopes “that everybody will step back and take a look at how they handled this – everybody.”

Pentagon officials said they investigate all specific and credible allegations, but not always on the media’s timetable. Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters that military investigators had reviewed 25,000 pages of documents and found that more than one detainee stopped up a toilet with pages from the Quran as a protest – but discovered no evidence that U.S. interrogators had done such a thing.

Newsweek, which is owned by The Washington Post Co., said Sunday that its brief item was based on an unnamed senior U.S. official who now says he can “no longer be sure” of the information provided to reporter Michael Isikoff.

McClellan said the story “appears to be very shaky from the get-go” and rests on “a single anonymous source who cannot substantiate the allegation that was made.” Isikoff said Sunday that “there was absolutely no lapse in journalistic standards,” noting that the Pentagon declined an opportunity to challenge the story before it was published.



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