NKorea will treat UN sanctions on nuclear programme in "do-or-die" spirit
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NKorea will treat UN sanctions on nuclear programme in "do-or-die" spirit

AFP | April 25, 2005

North Korea said Monday it would react with a "do-or-die" attitude if the United States brought UN sanctions over the Stalinist state's nuclear programme, saying the US was "getting on its nerves".

"The stand of the DPRK (North Korea) is that the US may bring the nuclear issue to the UNSC (United Nations Security Council), if it wants that so much," a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by KCNA news agency.

"But, we make one thing clear: The DPRK will regard the sanctions as a declaration of war. We are fully ready to cope with everything in a do-or-die spirit and have already prepared all countermeasures against the sanctions."

The spokesman reiterated Pyongyang's line that Washington should offer incentives if it wanted the North to rejoin stalled six-nation talks on getting the isolated regime to give up its nuclear weapons programme.

"If the United States is really interested in the resumption of the six-way talks, it should provide the DPRK with conditions and justification to return to the talks," the unnamed spokesman said.

"Far from showing elementary respect and sincerity to the dialogue partner, it is seriously getting on the nerves of the DPRK," he said.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned last week that North Korea could be referred to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions if it failed to rejoin multiparty talks.

Rice was also behind comments labeling Pyongyang as "an outpost of tyranny," which the North says will have to be retracted before it will return to the negotiating table.

"For the resumption of the six-way talks, the US should withdraw its remarks about 'an outpost of tyranny' at an early date.... We can never return to the talks nor can we have any form of dealing with the US unless the ill fame of an 'outpost of tyranny' is shaken off."

Three inconclusive rounds of talks between the two Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the United States ended last June and were followed by North Korea's boycott of a fourth, scheduled for last September in Beijing.

The standoff saw a dramatic escalation in February when Pyongyang said it possessed nuclear weapons and was pulling out of dialogue.

In early April, it shut down its only functioning nuclear reactor and said it planned to unload spent nuclear fuel from the plant and reprocess it into weapons-grade plutonium.

"We have built the nuclear deterrent force with so much effort despite enormous difficulties in order to effectively cope with the arrogant, outrageous and brigandish method of the US," the ministry spokesman said.

"We remain undeterred by reckless remarks of Rice. We know what we should do at the decisive moment and will react to the hardline action of the US with the toughest action."

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