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Russia, Georgia Reach Agreement on Withdrawal of Military Bases

MosNews | May 25, 2005

Russia and Georgia reached an agreement on Tuesday on starting the withdrawal of Russian military bases from Georgia.

Russia will start withdrawing its bases from the town of Akhalkalaki in the south of Georgia, Tbilisi’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, Merab Antadze, was quoted by RBC news agency as saying.

However, the two sides have not agreed yet on the withdrawal terms. Georgia wants Russia to finish the withdrawal by the beginning of 2008; Russia says it will finally withdraw troops during 2008.

Russia and Georgia have also agreed to establish a joint anti-terrorist center in Georgia. Its main body will be located in the country’s capital of Tbilisi. Antadze said a branch of this center might also be located in Batumi, the capital of the Georgian internal republic of Ajaria, and that Georgia would use the infrastructure of the Russian 12th military base. This center will not be a “militarized body but special services that will work with information and analysis,” the deputy minister said.

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