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Russian, Vietcong Vietnam War Veterans Meet in Moscow

MosNews | August 8, 2005

Russian and Vietnamese war veterans last week joined an annual get-together in Moscow held in remembrance of former Soviet Union military experts’ assistance to Vietnam’s anti-U.S. war, the Vietnam News Agency reported Monday.

The annual event on August 8 has been held for the last 36 years since 1970. The U.S. launched its bombing campaigns over northern Vietnam on August 8, 1964.

The former Soviet Union military experts worked with Vietnamese comrades in Vietnam to help fight the U.S., said Nicolai Kolesnich, President of the inter-regional social association of Russian Vietnam war veterans.

This year’s meeting took place prior to the 60th anniversary of the August Revolution and the Independence Day of Vietnam, he said.

Vietnamese Minister Counsellor Nguyen Xuan Luu expressed his thanks to the people from the former Soviet Union in the past and Russia now for their enormous assistance to Vietnam’s anti-US war and its national construction.

He hoped that Russian veterans would continue their efforts to further strengthening the traditional friendship and strategic partnership between Vietnam and Russia.

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