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Russian Youths Stage Protest in Moscow Against Celebrating Halloween

Mos News | October 29 2006

Dozens of young people gathered in Novopushkinsky Park in the center of Moscow on Saturday to protest the celebration of Halloween, Interfax said.

The protesters were holding a banner depicting a slashed pumpkin. In addition, attendees were invited to write about their attitude toward Halloween with a marker on two signboards and to drink pumpkin juice. The organizers said they wished to suggest that “pumpkin should be used directly according to its purpose rather than be turned into a symbol of a disgusting pagan festival.”

“Modern mass culture imposes false symbols on young people. Satanic and pagan in their essence, they are actively used as brands for luring adolescents to clubs to take part in seemingly innocent parties, at which they are offered a pill or a joint to have more fun,” says a leaflet by the youth movement Georgiyevtsy, the organizer of the protest.

One of the picket organizers told Interfax that, despite the fact that Halloween is formally observed on October 31, its celebrations will begin this Saturday, a day that is traditionally considered one of the most lucrative for nightclubs, which “are especially closely associated with the distribution of illicit drugs.”

“We are against the narcotization of youth culture. We support a healthy lifestyle,” he said.


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