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Russian Warships Heading to China for Joint Wargames

MosNews | August 8 2005

The warships of the Russian Pacific Fleet which will take part in the joint exercises with China left Vladivostok for China on Sunday, according to the Itar-Tass news agency.

The ships include BDK-11 large landing ship, the Marshal Shaposhnikov large anti-sub ship and the Burny destroyer, a source in the Pacific Fleet press center was quoted as saying.

The first-ever joint exercises conducted by Russia and China will be held on Aug. 18-25, and its first phase is scheduled for Aug. 18-19 on territory of the Far Eastern military district.

Chiefs of Russian and Chinese Staffs will gather in Vladivostok for consultations.

The second phase is planned for Aug. 20-22 on the Chinese territory. There will be a shooting training on Aug. 23-25, and the Russian and Chinese defense ministers will watch it.



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