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Spain: Explosion hits train station

UPI | May 27, 2005

An explosion ripped through a train station in northern Spain Friday, causing serious damage to the building.

No injuries were reported.

Madrid bomb explodes following ETA warning

No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, El Mundo reported.

The explosion occurred in Spain's Basque region where there have been a handful of bombings in the last few weeks. Those blasts were blamed on the Basque separatist group ETA, which has been has been blamed for more than 800 deaths since beginning its campaign for an independent Basque homeland in the 1960s.

This month alone, ETA has been blamed for at least three bombings, including a car bomb that detonated in Madrid Monday, injuring 52 people.

Earlier this month, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero offered to open a dialogue with ETA, a move conservative opposition lawmakers rejected. Parliament eventually agreed with the prime.


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