Michael Schiavo pleads case on CNN
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Blair under pressure to resign

UPI | May 9, 2005

LONDON -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair is facing calls for his resignation after the government's majority was slashed in last week's general election.

Blair's authority is ebbing after Labor's majority was cut from 161 to 67. Several former ministers are among those urging Blair to stand down while left wing members of parliament are threatening a leadership challenge. Cabinet ministers are reportedly pushing for a timetable for resignation.

Former Health Secretary Frank Dobson said Blair was "a liability" while Robin Cook, former foreign secretary, told the BBC Labor had won a third term despite Blair, not because of him.

Blair allies rallied round the prime minister, condemning those calling for his resignation and insisting he would serve a full third term.

But cabinet ministers want him to go by autumn 2006, the Independent reported.

One senior minister said: "He can't tough it out after that election result. We can't have another four years of this. I would give him 18 months. Tony should fight the European referendum and then go. That is beginning to look like a very attractive timetable."


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