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Cherie for MP, says Clinton

London Telegraph | August 7, 2005
By Brendan Carlin

Cherie Blair should stand as an MP when her husband leaves the Commons, Bill Clinton suggested yesterday.

The former US president offered to campaign for Mrs Blair if she decided to stand for election after Mr Blair leaves Downing Street.

"She is an enormously able person. I love her," said Mr Clinton, whose own wife Hillary was elected a US senator three months before he left the White House in 2001. Mrs Blair, a barrister who is one of Britain's leading human rights lawyers, stood for Parliament in 1983. She was defeated in the Kent seat of North Thanet, while Mr Blair won Sedgefield.

Mr Clinton, interviewed in the Sunday Times yesterday, said: "When he's [Tony Blair] done and she wants a go, it would please me greatly. She is an enormously able person. I love her. If she ever campaigned for office and wanted me to go ringing doorbells for her, I'd be happy to do it." Mrs Blair, who prefers to be known as Cherie Booth, QC, has often commented on public issues, sometimes to the embarrassment of her husband.

Downing Street said: "It would not be for us to react on behalf of Cherie."

But Chris Grayling, the shadow Commons leader, said that if and when the Prime Minister quit the Commons, it would be nice if the Blair family took "a complete break" from politics.



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