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Our Listeners' Responses to the Attacks in London (updated)

Infowars | July 11, 2005

Not many witnesses to the carnage since it happened in dark, dusty tunnels.
The bus explosion happened 1 hour after the subway, everything was sealed off because of the supposed subway bombs. Things were shaken up, very easyto put the wheels in motion for a stage act with the bus.

All time low for public opinion.

And so much more that makes me personnaly think about the possibility this was nothing more then a stage show.

And a coincidental terror drill that was operating at the same time in casethey screwed up and needed a backup plan to explain everything.

I was in London a few weeks ago with a friend, when there was a bomb scare
in Kings Cross station, My friends mobile wasn't able to connect to a server
but he recieved some bizaar codes on his phone when he showed the codes to
the bomb specialist in charge, the guy just shrugged it off. I thought it
quite interesting that when the bombings occured that mobiles weren't
operational and later they said that it was because of an overload on the

Take care and peace

Dear Alex,

I am writing this at the same time as listening on British news to the fact
that the city of Birmingham is being evacuated, tens of thousands of people
dragged out of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and theatres, all because of
an apparent credible "terrorist threat". Two words come to mind - "scare

I was given a tape of your film "911 the road to tyranny" to watch a couple
of weeks ago and found it compelling viewing and totally believable.
Naturally, I discussed it with a friend and my exact words were "if this guy
Alex Jones' theories are correct then, we in the UK are going to get it next
really bad because of our opposition to ID cards and the way other countries
in Europe are voting against the EU consititution - we will get a
"terrorist" attack to make us change our minds.

And then came the 7th July - your theories are spot on and my prediction had
become chillingly accurate.

Did they really expect us to believe that if London was the target of an
organised orchestrated terrorist attack, that our Prime Minister would be
taken from what was undoubtedly a secure location and flown right into the
middle of an area under threat? I think not. Do they really expect us to
believe that there was a full scale emergency exercise taking place at
exactly the same locations, the same time and the same modus operandi as
what was about to happen in real life - what a coincidence - NOT. Do they
really expect us to believe that the Israeli delegation remained cooped up
in their hotel rooms when supposed to be addressing a conference at one of
the bomb sites without having been warned - of course not! And now we have
the orchestrated panic in Birmingham - what dramatic TV pictures that will
make, 10s of thousands of terrified people being turned out onto the streets
- just in case London didnt scare you enough that is. Look what happens if
you dont let us pass the legislation we want to pass - this is what you will

We didnt fall for the "accidental" death of Diana and we are not about to
fall for this.

Keep up the good work Alex.


A very angry British citizen

Searching everyone entering or leaving an entire city.

A City surrounded by police, roadblocks, military, black helicopters, is the
city roped off by barbed wire? if you refuse to leave will you be shot? will
you be sent to a re-education camp if you do not cooperate.... EVERYONE WILL

SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK New World Order did the bombing not some bogus fake"secret" al qeda group no one ever heard of..... The Revolution has
Begun....the Luciferian Devil Worshippers who control the Worlds Government are
ramping up their plans to take over...

Hi Alex:

"The world knows that Al-Qaida is a product of the CIA and that the Bushes and the Ben Ladens have been long-term business partners!!!!"

- Bob

Hi Alex:

I am an Italian/Brazilian citizen who's been living in London for some years now. This morning I was waken up with the news that London was in chaos given a terrorist attack; I couldn't believe what I read over the Internet.

And I would like to know what you really think about that; in my onion we are to have a version of the "Patriotic" Act over here and pretty soon.

I was listening to a syndicated radio station out of Florida this morning during the coverage of the bombings in London. And he said that he found information this morning that Scottland Yard had called the Israeli embassy to warn them about the attacks. It seems that the Israeli's were having financial meetings in a hotel just above the subway where a bomb exploded. They were warned not to leave the premesis for a while. And then the bomb went off. They off course deny being warned, and just count themselves fortunate for not being out and about when the bombs went off.

I don't know (the morning show’s) sources or anything, but I am sure you can dig it up.

- Andrea

No surprise that this happened just as U.S.'s support for Bush's war was dropping drastically, and he couldn't convince people through words to continue their support

From Northern Ireland:

dear alex,

We need to hear your voice over hear in the uk. now theres been an "attack" were gona hear the word that you'd expect: "ID Card" the uk is unaware of what were looking at in the up comming years. Alex man, come over and fill these guys in. i watched Blairs speachs, with bush standing behind him. tony was sweating like a pig and couldnt even look up! and with bush looking from one side of the room to the other you can tell something is not right. now is the time for the people over here to find out what your (we) all about. BBC might'nt want it but i know channel 4 and 5 will. come on, its getting to a point were it will be too late.


This morning around 9:15am EST, Tony Snow, Fox News Radio, called for the United States and other countries to "break down the doors of mosques and arrest the people involved in organized crime". He also said," What is the difference between the freedom of religion and organized crime?" in a rhetorical fashion. Tony further proceeded to say "al-Qaeda was a group of angry guys in a basement drinking beer and watching porn being angry at each other". This is very dangerous speak. I hear the people calling into his talk show with this " if
this happened here" John Wayne attitude. They forget it did and the consequences the attack had. Tony Snow is doing disservice to the American people. He is advocating attacks on religious buildings and arresting the people inside. I am so frustrated right now I cannot find the words to express it. Mr. Snow is a major contributor to the root cause of the American people's blindness.

From the UK:

Hiya Alex,

Good to see that someone is on the ball and getting the real news out about the London blasts. Here in the UK it was obvious from anyone watching the news that this is a staged event. It's almost as if it's a practice for the police state response teams to see how well they can cope with a major disaster.

Classic case of Problem, Reaction, Solution - I'm just wondering what Blair and his cronies are going to offer as the next solution - bring in ID cards quicker than you can blame Al Quaeda no doubt!!

Keep up the good work.

Dear Alex,

I live in Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland. Armagh being the hart land of the Irish cause. but after getting a few of your dvds and fallowing your actions over the past 2 years, me and others are totaly behind your statments and actions. this is just an email to let you know that a LOT af people in the UK andIreland are behind you 100%. and I wish to be of any use to your campains in whatever way I (we) can.

with respect..

I'm sure you've thought of this, Alex, but I'm wondering:

With all the cameras London has in constant use to monitor the citizens, wouldn't it be odd if there were no camera footage available showing the "terrorists" planting any explosives?


I think we need you here, so many are blind to whats happening, i know you have plans but forget them and get here, get on the TV/radio, today's events sparked conversations in my work about terrorism, I was the only one out of about 40 who was AWAKE! Please consider coming here and spreading the much needed truth

Blair says it was terrorists. Methinks it's the pot calling the kettle black.

The "Secret Organization group of al Qaeda Organization in Europe," claims responsibility. Who made up that name. Give me a break.


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