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Here we go again.
Terror Drills on Thursday Morning Smack of Smacks of FEMA in NYC on 9-11

Infowars | July 8 2005

A note from a reader:

Hey guys... I sat and listened to the story breaking yesterday (I'd like to say in shock, but it wasn't really) and listening to the live broadcast on the BBC's Fivelive, some really weird interviews cropped up.


Explosions In London
Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned Before Blast, Cover-up in Progress

I can't access the Listen Again feature here at work, so I'm not sure of the exact timings or the names of the interviewees you need to listen out for (my mind was kinda occupied with all sorts of thoughts) but I point everyone to listen for themselves.

Go to FiveLive's website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/) and look for the Listen Again feature, and look for the "Drive" show (in "news and current affairs") and select Thursday 7th July's show. If you spool through the show till about 45 minutes in, there's an interview with a guy who admits that, by sheer coincidence, the city's air ambulance crews were all meeting that morning to discuss crisis response... lo and behold they soon had a crisis and could move quickly. Thank God... but still weird.

But it gets weirder still, as about and hour thirty five into the live coverage, there's another interview (again apologies for the vagueness, but I'm sure of the times) with a guy who said that morning they were practising drills for such an attack, and I'm sure he said, they were practising for terrorist attacks at the very same stations that were later bombed. My jaw hit the ground. Smacks of FEMA in NYC on the fatal morning doesn't it??? If someone has the dark arts necessary to capture these audio clips and post them, I'm sure we'd all like to hear them...

And then what with the Netanyahu story, the fact that not only Bush but Guiliana (why???) were in the country, and a friend's friend who said they say marines on the rooftop of a building in central London before we knew it wasn't a powersurge...

Whatever happened, it sure plays into the Blair-Bush-Neocon axis don't it???
ID cards for the UK, a return to the support for the War On Terror and the
indiscriminate rounding up of anyone vaguely muslim...

Here we go again.





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