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Chavez: CIA Planning My 2006 Defeat

Newsmax | April 15, 2005

Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, thinks the U.S. chief of staff works for the CIA and is planning Chavez's electin downfall.

Chevez, in statements regarding internal politics in Venezuela, is urging "unity" - a code word for uniformity - among local candidates and, writes Venezuela's Electronic News, he's "calling on supporters to stop internal disputes over candidates to municipal and parish councils."

Chavez wants his supporters to step up and show some leadership. "The unity of the People with diverse revolutionary currents ... dogmatism, sectarianism and infantilism are the enemies that must be fought on a daily basis," he said in inaugurating the third "Gathering of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution" - a conclave of socialists seeking to forward their views.

The Castro clone then spouted this little pearl: The CIA is drawing up a plan to stop him from being elected in 2006, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Air Force Gen. Richard Myers is part of the scheme.

Chavez said General Myers' visit to Colombia was part of the plan, and cracked that Myers' declaration that the U.S. has no plans to invade Venezuela is more dangerous than if he had admitted that it does.

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