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[03/20/2006] Chavez blasts Bush as \"donkey\" and \"drunkard\"
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday lobbed a litany of insults at U.S. President George W. Bush ranging from \"donkey\" to \"drunkard\" in response to a White House report branding the left-wing leader a demagogue. » More

[02/27/2006] Venezuela Prepared to Stop U.S. Exports
Venezuela could easily sell oil to markets other than the United States and is prepared to end exports to its No. 1 buyer if needed, the oil minister said in comments published Sunday. » More

[11/21/2005] Chavez wants Venezuelan oil tankers going to places other than the USA
Although the US is the No. 1 buyer of Venezuela oil, he, in sum, prefers to earn greater political power by selling oil at a discount to Caribbean and South American countries than at a premium to the US. » More

[11/21/2005] Chavez renews trade pact attack
Thousands of Venezuelans have joined a march against the economic policies of US President George Bush and his Mexican counterpart, Vicente Fox. » More

[11/21/2005] The Pentgon\'s Plans To Invade Venezuela
The United States has military contingency plans aimed against Venezuela, contrary to the UN Charter and the document guiding relations between members of the Organizations of American States (OAS). » More

[11/09/2005] Israeli nabbed in Trinidad and Tobago
Michael Agronov of Tel-Aviv arrested in Caribbean country for suspicion of involvement in four terror attacks; Israeli Foreign Ministry officials say handling of case by local authorities ‘strange’ » More

[11/09/2005] False Flags in Trinidad and Tobago
In what may have been an attempt to stage a set of bombings in the Caribbean oil region and point the finger at Venezuela\'s significant Arab and Muslim population, a Russian-born Israeli national was recently arrested in Port of Spain, Trinidad. » More

[11/09/2005] Bush urges Brazil to reject drift to left
With scant progress made on revitalizing a proposal for an ambitious trade pact, President Bush turned to politics Sunday, urging Latin Americans to reject the entreaties of the far left and follow democracy to prosperity. » More

[11/04/2005] Chavez Warns of Moving Jets to Cuba, China
hugo_chavez venezuela_jets » More