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The Video Pelosi and AIPAC Don't Want You to See

Kurt Nimmo | November 12, 2006

Please note: this video contains images of women and children killed by the Israeli state with U.S. weapons in Beit Hanoun, the Gaza Strip, in violation of the Arms Export Control Act (specifically, Ttitle 22, Chapter 39, Subchapter III § 2778 c ). “My wife recorded this for my blog a couple of days ago. Since then, she won't even look at the news,” writes Sabbah.




If the above video is not enough to convince you of the brutality of the Israeli government, watch the one below. On November 2, the IOF “transferred the males of Beit Hanoun aged between 16-45 in a convoy of large trucks to unknown destinations…. Security sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces called the men through loudspeakers, and gathered them in front of An-Nassr mosque in the north of Beit Hanoun,” according to Aljazeera (English translation here ). In response, unarmed Palestinian women confronted the IOF and 12 were shot, two fatally. So, the next time Nancy Pelosi gets up before AIPAC and declares Israel is simply protecting itself, please email her a link to this video:


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