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Blix: Iran nuclear halt 'not logical'

Press TV | May 28, 2007 

The Chairman of United Nations WMD Commission has said suspension of nuclear enrichment by Iran seems 'illogical' as a precondition for talks.

In an article published in the Boston Review, Hans Blix said it would be easier to convince Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment if nuclear countries agreed to do the same thing.

Blix wrote it is 'no use' to expect other countries not to build nuclear weapons while nuclear nations consider their own weapons as a security guarantee for themselves.

He said the US and other nuclear countries should take steps toward nuclear disarmament rather than build new generations of nuclear arsenals.

The US, he wrote, hopes to build a new generation of nuclear arms and Britain has also decided to develop its nuclear program in the coming years.

The UN official, currently chairing the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, said such measures are worrisome since they increase the risk nuclear weapons might eventually be deployed.

Blix also wrote all the various sides in Iran's nuclear case except the US have called for a diplomatic solution to the nuclear standoff following the disastrous situation in Iraq.

He added talks with Iran will not be easy unless the countries possessing nuclear arms deactivate their weapons to prove they are on the way to nuclear disarmament.

Blix concluded the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the best body to verify any nuclear programs.

Blix chaired the IAEA between 1981 and 1997.

He was named the winner of the 2007 Sydney Peace Prize earlier this month.

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