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Condi's Cudgel Made to Look like an Olive Branch

Kurt Nimmo | March 1, 2007

“The Bush administration says it's not going soft on Iran, but Washington's new agreement to talk to the clerical regime about violence in Iraq could crack the door for other discussions with the last holdout among President Bush's old axis of evil,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

In fact, the neocons have not agreed to “talk to the clerical regime,” at least not directly, so the above statement is misleading. “U.S. officials won't hold direct talks with Iran or Syria at a Baghdad conference next month despite the Bush administration's complaints that those countries are allowing weapons into Iraq, White House spokesman Tony Snow said Wednesday,” CNN explains. “Direct talks would happen only if those countries made changes to their own policies. Iran would have to halt its uranium enrichment work and Syria would have to stop supporting groups Washington considers terrorist organizations, Snow said.”

In other words, nothing to see here, so please move along.

Condi “made the surprise announcement” earlier this week, according to the Los Angeles Times, when she said a neocon functionary will attend a March 10 “session” on Iraq security, a situation that would obviously not exist had the United States not invaded the country. After this neocon functionary reports back, Condi will supposedly “go to a later session,” not that we can expect anything to come of this, as Snow indicates above. “It wasn't exactly an olive branch, but Rice's mild overture looked dramatic after escalating U.S. allegations that Iran is contributing to the spreading chaos in Iraq and a calculated show of U.S. military might in the Persian Gulf.”

Sure, and for a man dying of thirst in the desert, a mirage looks like salvation, that is until it evaporates upon climbing the next sand dune.

If we are to believe State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, Condi or one of her attack dogs may use the session to go after the Iranians on the “subject of sophisticated homemade bombs,” you know the sort—manufactured with English language markings, the same way American products contain instructions in Farsi.

Condi said the United States, or rather the neocons in control of the foreign policy of the United States, would hold “face-to-face talks with Tehran … after more than 25 years of estrangement” when and only when Iran gives up its nuclear program,” a “proposal” the Iranians will certainly reject. As we know, this “estrangement” came after the Iranian people overthrew the Shah, a brutal dictator elevated to power by the CIA in 1953 when they sabotaged the democratically elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh.

“It's important that people understand that this administration is serious when it comes to the Iranians about a precondition for bilateral negotiations and also for diplomatic relations, which is, they can't be working toward a nuclear weapon,” blathered Snow, not bothering to offer evidence of said nuclear weapon, as such is now considered a fait accompli by the corporate media, as it reads from a neocon generated script.

Meanwhile, as the corporate media prattles on about a hopeful “dance” with Iran, the neocons continue their propaganda blitz. “Iran has recruited its own network of Iraqi Shi'ite extremists to use armor-piercing weapons against U.S. and coalition forces rather than against Sunni rivals, current and former intelligence officials say,” reports Reuters. “The secretive Quds Force of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has circumvented Shi'ite organizations like the Mehdi Army to enlist individual militants and train them in the use of explosively formed penetrators, the officials said…. U.S. intelligence chief Mike McConnell told the Senate this week that the EFPs were made in Iran and taken into Iraq by Quds Force members. The Pentagon said Iran is training Iraqi Shi'ites in both Iran and Lebanon to use the weapons.”

A Google News search turns up no mention of the Mehdi Army attacking “U.S. and coalition forces rather than against Sunni rivals,” although the search term returns a news story reporting that “Iraqi and US forces have killed a top official of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's organization in a raid on his home north of Baghdad, calling him a ‘rogue leader' of Sadr's Mehdi army militia,” according to ABC News. “An official in Sadr's political office, Abdul-Mehdi al-Matiri, called the killing of Khadhim al-Hamadani, in the village of Huweidar, near Baquba an ‘assassination.'” As for the absurd claim al-Sadr's militia is targeting and killing U.S. soldiers, Reuters notes “Mehdi Army militiamen have so far avoided a confrontation with U.S. forces sweeping the capital.”

But never mind. Here in America, we are none the wiser. As a recent Gallup poll indicates, a staggering 86 percent of Americans view Iran unfavorably, whatever that means exactly. No doubt, as well, if asked to find Iran on a map, this very 86 percent would be unable to do so. Even less would know that the United States undermined the democratically elected government of Iran, thus creating more than a little bit of animosity on the part of Iranians against the government of the United States.



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