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Fox Financial Guy: We End the War "By Bombing Tehran, Not by Getting it so Some Iraqi Woman Doesn't Have to Wear a Burqa Anymore"

News Hounds | November 21, 2006

One of the segments featured on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (November 20, 2006) was a roundtable discussion about Iraq captioned: "Go Big, Go Long, Go Home: Which Does Wall Street Want?" The participants included three cast members from Fox's Saturday morning "business news" show, Cashin' In, and a guest participant, conservative radio talk show host Paul McGuire.

McGuire said Wall Street wanted to go big and long and Fox's Dagen McDowell agreed. Wayne Rogers said we should get out. Cavuto seemed to be for anything but "losing," and Jonathan Hoenig was for bombing Tehran. Some of the reasons he gave for why we attacked Iraq in the first place were pretty interesting too:

You could send in 100,000 troops as long as we're treating them like sacrificial lambs, Neil. And we've asked these troops to win a war without bombing a [inaudible], you know, without hitting a mosque. Everything we've done has been to, you know, boost our image on the, you know, Muslim street. That's not why we went to war in the first place.
The market wants us to end the insurgency and the war. You do that by bombing Tehran, not by getting it so some Iraqi woman doesn't have to wear a burqa anymore.

We haven't put fear in the hearts of militant Islam. That's why we went to war. To win the war against militant Islam.


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