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Has Bush Authorized Military Action Against Iran? Harris Faulkner Slips In Some Warmongering For Bush

NewsHounds | August 29, 2007

While Hannity & Colmes spent time discussing Senator Larry Craig, Michael Vick and the Miss Teen USA South Carolina contestant, Harris Faulkner, the Bush apologist disguised as a news reader, slipped in some alarming warmongering against Iran during the news break at the bottom of the hour.

You'd never know from her chirpy delivery that she was discussing something as grave and terrifying as widening a war but Republican wars always seem to be happy news on FOX. First, Faulkner promoted Bush's take on Iraq. “President Bush says an early US exit from Iraq would have DISASTROUS consequences. He says it would allow extremists to take over in the Middle East and jeopardize US security.” Of course, no opposing perspective was offered from the “fair and balanced” network. Faulkner nevertheless chirped on, helpfully making Iran look like the problem in Iraq. “The president also taking on Iran which Washington has long accused of meddling in Iraq. Mr. Bush saying he's authorized military commanders in Iraq to quote, confront Tehran's murderous activities.”

What the heck does that mean? Viewers never found out because Faulkner moved on to talk about the FDA.

NOTE: I'm having problems with YouTube but hope to get video of this segment posted sometime Wednesday.

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