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Kuwaiti media: U.S. to attack Iran by end of April

Global Research | April 9, 2007

Editor's note

The following report quotes the Arab Times.  While this report must be acknowledged, there is no firm corroborating evidence regarding the timing of a US sponsored attack on Iran. See our earlier report .  The report does not provide indications as to sources of its information. 

While the US and allied forces are in an "advanced state of readiness", there are several important factors which suggest, from a military organizational standpoint, that unless we are dealing with a case of sheer political madness, the Pentagon is not ready to launch an attack on Iran. 

Several key military appointments were made in the course of the month of March. Of significance, Admiral. William J. Fallon , was appointed Commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) on March 16 by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates. It is unlikely that Admiral Fallon would activate a military operation directed against Iran, within a few weeks following his appointment as CENTCOM Commander.  See Michel Chossudovsky, The War on Iran

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 8 April 2007

KUWAIT CITY, April 4 (Xinhua) -- The United States is planning to attack Iran's nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities by the end of this month, Kuwait-based daily Arab Times reported Wednesday.

    Citing anonymous sources in Washington, the Times said that various White House departments have already started preparing the political speech, which will be delivered by the U.S. president later this month, announcing the military attack on Iran.

    The speech will provide the "evidence" and the "justification" for the United States to resort to the military option after failing to persuade Tehran to give up its nuclear ambitions, said the report.

    According to the Times, one of the justifications expected to be provided in the speech is Iran's alleged role in the killing of American soldiers in Iraq by supporting various militias with both money and arms.

    The American president's speech will also point to Iran's political interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, obviously in cooperation with Syria, said the report.

    The sources were quoted as saying that U.S. will not resort to a ground attack in order to avoid human losses under a plan to achieve their aims by air attacks.

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