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'Missile Defense not just against Iran'

AFP | August 27, 2007

The Russian ambassador to the Court of St James's rejects US statements over the controversial Missile Defense project to be exclusively against Iran.

"There is no convincing explanation for the installation of the US Missile Defense in eastern Asia," said Yuri Viktorovich Fedotov in an interview with BBC Radio.

"Despite what US calls a missile defense shield against Iran, the project is a threat for Russia and other countries," Fedotov added.

"In fact, the missile defense is destined to threaten others and in military terms those possessing more reliable shields, have better opportunities to use their power," he continued.

The statements are made as recent diplomatic conflict between Britain and Russia over the missile defense project and the verbal war for the extradition of a Russian agent accused of being involved in the murder of Alexander Litvinov in London has escalated.

"Any participation and cooperation must be equal and the West should pay attention if there are concerns on our side," he said after US announced its determination for the installation of Missile Defense shields in Poland and Czech Republic.

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