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Iran refutes 'Zionist media game'

Press TV | July 22, 2007

Iran has dismissed allegations by a newspaper that Tehran has promised Syria military aid if Damascus denounces peace with Tel Aviv.

The Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Saturday that Iran would provide 1 billion dollars to Syria for advanced weapons procurement and would assist the country with nuclear research and the development of chemical weapons, with the understanding that Damascus would not negotiate peace with Israel.

The newspaper, which is known for its anti-Iranian stance, alleged that the deal was signed Thursday when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Syria. Israeli media later rebroadcast the report.

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini refuted on Sunday the allegation, terming it "a propaganda game targeting the friendly relations between Iran and Syria.", IRNA reported.

He said during a recent visit to Syria by President Ahmadinejad, important regional issues as well as the latest developments in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine were discussed.

The visit also covered issues of bilateral interest, with special emphasis on further strengthening of Tehran-Damascus ties.

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