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Iran says US seeks nuke monopoly

Press TV | June 8, 2007

An Iranian official says the US government regards nuclear capability as a prerogative, only accessible to the countries in its alliance.

"Unlike the US government, Iran has favored the peaceful use of nuclear energy within the framework established by the NPT," said Iran's envoy to Japan Mohsen Tala'i on Thursday during a meeting with the members of Japan's Democratic Party and parliament.

He noted the US government had never followed a genuine path to ban the production and proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD); rather it used the WMDs as a political prerogative wherewith to arm its 'favored' states.

The US-led western alliance has threatened Iran with international sanctions to halt its peaceful nuclear activities, alleging that Tehran was seeking a secret atomic weapon program.

A signatory of the NPT, Iran has conducted all its nuclear activities under the direct supervision of the international nuclear watchdog and followed the NPT rules with full transparency, he noted.

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