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Iran Threatens Retaliation for Neocon Kidnap and Murder Campaign

Kurt Nimmo | March 19, 2007

Like a meth lab situated out in the boonies and ignored by the local police and newspaper, the bastard child of Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans, the Iran-Syria Operations Group, operates with impunity.

“Abram Shulsky, the neocon's neocon, a scholar of Leo Strauss and Machiavelli, who has written about the application of Strauss's thought to intelligence, is back,” Gary Leupp wrote nearly a year ago. Leupp went on to note the creation of the Office of Iranian Affairs (OIA), “apparently housed in the same Pentagon offices inhabited by its predecessor and involving some of the same slimy personnel,” including Abram Shulsky, head of the OSP under Douglas Feith, who reports to Elizabeth Cheney, who in turn answers to her father and his taskmasters, the Straussian neocons.

It didn't take long for Cheney and the newly christened OIA to spawn the Iran-Syria Operations Group, designed “to encourage regime change in Iran,” that is to say covertly attack Iran.

“It's no secret that Cheney has over $80 million at her disposal to promote democracy in Iran. But ISOG isn't simply about promoting democracy. It's about helping to craft official policy, doing so not with one but two countries in its sights, and creating a policymaking apparatus that parallels—and skirts—Foggy Bottom's suspect Iran desk,” Lawrence F. Kaplan wrote last April for the New Republic Online. Of course, for the neocons, “democracy” translates into the sort of engineered chaos currently underway in Iraq—a social deconstruction on tap for the entire Muslim and Arab world.

As should be expected, Iran is threatening to respond in kind, undoubtedly to the glee of the neocons, who are of course on a pretext fishing expedition.

“Iran is threatening to retaliate in Europe for what it claims is a daring undercover operation by western intelligence services to kidnap senior officers in its Revolutionary Guard,” reports the Times Online. “According to Iranian sources, several officers have been abducted in the past three months and the United States has drawn up a list of other targets to be seized with the aim of destabilizing Tehran's military command.”

Subhi Sadek, believed to have close links to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, writes in Reza Faker, the Revolutionary Guard's weekly newspaper, that Iran has “the ability to capture a nice bunch of blue-eyed blond-haired officers and feed them to our fighting cocks. Iran has enough people who can reach the heart of Europe and kidnap Americans and Israelis.”

All of this revolves around the high-profile “defection” of Ali Reza Asgari. Although the corporate media had a field day with Asgari, it turns out he was in fact a spy who defected with the help of Israel because his cover was blown. “He probably was working for Mossad,” the Times Online reported earlier this month, after all the hoopla dissipated and the truth found its way to the back page.

“Asgari's disappearance shocked the Iranian regime as he is believed to possess some of its most closely guarded secrets. The Quds Force is responsible for operations outside Iran,” Uzi Mahnaimi writes from Tel Aviv. “Last week it was revealed that Colonel Amir Muhammed Shirazi, another high-ranking Revolutionary Guard officer, had disappeared, probably in Iraq… A third Iranian general is also understood to be missing—the head of the Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf. Sources named him as Brigadier General Muhammed Soltani, but his identity could not be confirmed.”

“One theory circulating in Israel is that a US taskforce known as the Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group (ISOG) is coordinating the campaign to take Revolutionary Guard commanders,” Mahnaimi continues. “The Iranians have also accused the United States of being behind an attack on Revolutionary Guards in Iran last month in which at least 17 were killed.”

Last month, a reputed “former high-ranking CIA official in Washington” told the Sunday Telegraph “America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups [Kurds, Baluchis, Ahwazi Arabs, and Azeris] in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear program.”

Iran's “nuclear program” is a canard, as the real reason for this terrorism is to destabilize Iran and thus, implementing the classic colonial tactic of divide and rule, balkanize the country. Funding for these “separatist causes comes directly from the CIA's classified budget,” as the CIA sports a long and sordid track record of “destabilizing” sovereign nations around the world. “Despite its name, the Central Intelligence Agency's main purpose is, and has always been, carrying out covert operations involving economic warfare, rigged elections, assassinations and even genocide,” explains Mark Zepezauer.

On 26 February, Iranian state satellite TV ran the following report:

“Military analysts believe that Iranian threats of retaliation are credible. Tehran is notorious for settling scores. When the Israelis killed Abbas Mussawi, Hezbollah's general secretary, in 1992 the Quds Force blew up the Israeli embassy in Argentina in revenge,” the Times Online concludes (the accusation that Iran was behind the 1994 terror bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires is not only far less than conclusive, but serves as a convenient political football for the neocons: Gareth Porter wrote last November that “arrest warrants for former Iranian president Ali Akbar Rafsanjani and six other former top Iranian officials were issued only after the United States had applied diplomatic pressure, according to a Nov. 3 report by Marc Perelman in the Jewish daily Forward. Perelman also reported that the George W. Bush administration intends to cite the indictment as part of its campaign to get Russia and China to support a Security Council resolution on sanctions against Iran”).

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