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Iran: US 'biggest sponsor of terrorism'

Press TV | June 26, 2007

Iran's defense minister has described the US neocons as the main enemies of democracy who resort to inhumane acts to crush independent nations.

Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar made the remarks at a meeting with the families of a group of Iranian high-ranking officials who were martyred in a terrorist attack in 1981.

The US-funded terrorist rings have launched tremendous attacks against Iran, including the assassination of Iranian officials on early days after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

He also cited the attack on an Iranian passenger plane in 1988 which killed 290 passengers and crew aboard as another example of US state-terrorism.

"All the plots hatched by the enemies to rock the very foundations of the Islamic Republic were foiled through the wise leadership of the late Imam Khomeini and the heroic presence of the Iranian nation in the political arena," he added.

He said the hostile policies pursued by the US neo-conservatives against Iran were a continuation of their terrorist and inhumane measures against the Islamic nation.

"Nowadays the US public are the main victims of the warmongering and inhumane policies of this small group and are suffering financially and physically as a result of Bush administration's wrongdoings."

He reiterated that putting pressure on Iran to force the country to halt its peaceful nuclear program does not work, saying that history has proved that the Iranian nation never surrenders to the West's illegitimate demands.

Najjar said the only way out of the current crisis in the Middle East is the withdrawal of US-led forces from the region.


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