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US forces find Iranian money in Baghdad raid

AFP | May 23, 2007

US forces have killed two gunmen and discovered a large amount of Iranian currency and bomb-making materials in a raid on the Baghdad Shiite neighbourhood of Sadr City on Wednesday.

US troops searched 11 buildings during the raid in search of a cell involved in importing weapons from Iran into Baghdad and southeastern Iraq.

"As they continued to search the buildings, coalition forces found a large quantity of Iranian money, more than 6,000 dollars in US money and improvised explosive device-making materials," said the statement.

During the search US forces came under attack from four gunmen and confirmed killing two of them. Washington has repeatedly accused Iran of funding armed groups in Iraq and trying to distabilise the country, a charge it has denied.

On May 28, the US and Iranian ambassadors to Iraq will meet to discuss their respective policies in the war torn country.

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