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Iran: US no more a wall of fear

Press TV | July 2, 2007

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the false façade of the US, which used to intimidate other nations, has dissipated.

He made the comment in his meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who is in Tehran on a three-day visit.

"Its shaky political structure as well as the ongoing domestic complications it has to deal with has proven the bullying policies of the US government," Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei added.

Referring to the futile efforts of the US to debilitate both Venezuela and Iran, which have independent popular governments, the Leader said, "Therefore, cooperation between the two nations is not only natural but needs to be boosted as well."

"Given the fact that world powers have always tried to weaken independent countries, these nations must beef up cooperation in all sectors," he stated.

He also stressed that the bilateral agreements between the two countries should be implemented.

In the meantime, Chavez pointed to the large number of contracts between the two countries in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemical sectors and said that Caracas is seriously seeking stronger ties with Tehran.

He said the recent developments in Latin America and the emergence of independent anti-American governments indicates that imperialism is declining.

"Independent nations should look forward to the future, he added.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was also present at the meeting.



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