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Iran: U.S., U.K., Israel Are 'Axis of Evil'

NewsMax | July 17, 2006

Here's a twist on some common war on terror terminology. Apparently mocking President Bush's reference in 2002 to the 'Axis of Evil - Iraq, Iran and North Korea - the Supreme Commandant of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps uses the same desription for the alliance of United States, Britain, and Israel.

According to IranFocus.com, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi made his remark Sunday, saying: "Today, the global axis of evil – the U.S., the Zionists, and Britain – are showing their true colors of world devouring and exploitation through their occupation and the killing of defenseless people."

Safavi, continuing his other-worldly perspective on global events, taunted Israel with promises of "disgraceful defeat" if that nation persists in defending itself against terrorist attacks by Hezbollah, which is a terrorist organization supported by Iran and Syria.

"The problem of the usurper regime of Israel is that it is facing a powerful and invisible army called the Islamic resistance Hezbollah of Lebanon. It is better if the Zionists end their attacks on the Gaza Strip and against Lebanon and release Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners to reach a ceasefire before they face a disgraceful defeat”, Safavi said.

Safavi also accused the United States of giving permission to Israel to carry out its military attacks against Lebanon, claiming "the U.S. created this event to cover up its defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq."



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