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US warns Iran over nuclear plans

ITV | October 16, 2006

US officials have turned their attention from North Korea's nuclear programme to Iran's, warning the Muslim state it must heed the threat of tough sanctions or face the consequences.

The comments came as North Korea accused members of the United Nations Security Council of acting like "gangsters" after a vote to impose sanctions was passed.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has again insisted that Tehran will keep up its nuclear activities despite the mounting threats and pressures from Washington and the West.

The European Union's 25 foreign ministers are trying to reach agreement to ask the Security Council to impose sanctions on Iran but Mr Ahmadinejad remains defiant.

"The threats and pressures against Iran's nuclear activities will not tarnish the will of the Iranian nation to continue its way of achieving nuclear technology," he said.

"The nation will not be intimidated by the threats and will continue on its path vigorously."

Iran's case has been sent back to the Security Council after it failed to halt uranium enrichment, a process the West fears Iran is using to develop atomic bombs despite Tehran's denials.

The Iran row resurfaced after the Security Council voted to impose financial and weapons sanctions on North Korea over its own nuclear tests.

US President George W Bush called the resolution swift and tough, and said it showed the world's unity against Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions.

North Korea responded by calling the resolution a "gangster-like" action, and warning that Pyongyang considered any further US pressure a "declaration of war".


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