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Blame Iran: Israel Attacks on Lebanon A Psy-Op to Push War on Iran

Infowars.com | July 14 2006
By Alex Jones & Jack Blood

UPDATE: Continued turmoil has given Israel the opportunity to began to physically move troops into southern Lebanon in addition to their persistant artillery strikes. Israel is reporting that Iran and Syria are the manufacturers of weapons used by Hezbollah and Hamas in strikes on Israeli targets furthering Israel's case for a war on those two countries.

This is a modified transcript of the discussion held by Jack Blood and Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show on Friday, July 14, 2006.

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern and others within the CIA told us in the next three or four months (and that was about a month ago) that Israel would very likely attempt to create provocations to attack Iran and Syria and it would probably start somewere in Palestine.

Anything the Globalists do always has a cost-benefit analysis. They look at a whole spectrum of New World Order interests and then they consider if something is better for their interests in the short term and in the long term or is it worse for their interests. If something fits a whole string of New World Order interests then they will push it.

One of the major pursposes of all of these attacks and saber rattling is to distract the populations of Israel and the US. This is a domestic diversion in Israel for Ulmert who is in a lot of trouble and also for Bush who is in a lot of trouble in the US. This really is the build-up to the "October surprise." This will probably be some kind of limited strike on Iran and then Israel is going to spearhead a plan break up Iraq in to three or four parts using the US military. All of this of course comes from Israel's own documents going back to the early 1980's and the Pentagon's own documents. This is not our opinion, this is their own admission, that they want to break up Syria into three parts, that they want to break up Iran into as many as six to eight parts, that they want to break Afghanistan into four parts, and that they even want to break Egypt into two parts.

So this is the official plan and they execute it by escalation, by undertaking these provocations. Every few months Israeli soldiers get killed or get captured sometimes every day in the midst of the back and forth violence, they have going with the Palestinians. Right now they're just hyping this and turning this into a big deal.

When the Israelis drop a thousand pound bomb on a neighborhood and kill 65 people at a pop, its loving and sweet and good because those are "sub-human Arabs" (or so the Media portrays) but when a suicide bomber blows themselves up (the few times its real and not a Mossad or Shin Bet operation, and by the way Israeli newspapers admit that their government is creating fake Al Qaeda groups, Hamas groups, others), then we hear stories about the evil terrorists, the greatest evil in the world and I just refuse to be a part of this hypocritical propaganda any longer.

This is a clear provocation. Two weeks ago we heard, when the first Israeli soldier got grabbed, that Syria was running it all. Syria has been licking our boots, rolling over, arresting whoever Israel and the US say for some time now - its really pretty pathetic - so now they are trying to claim that they are behind these so-called kidnappings and it's transparent and a total fraud.

Expanding out from there, now the Israeli military says that Iran has the two newest captured Israeli soldiers or that Hezbollah is trying to transfer them over there. Now this is the same Israeli government that through the ADL out of Canada put out the propaganda a few months a go that all Jews in Iran would soon be forced to wear yellow insignias on their coats, and that Christians would have to wear blue ones and Zoroastrians green ones. As it turns out this story has no connection to reality, it's a total lie. Reuters and AP had to retract it. It was completely fabricated. It was an Iranian national law encouraging the government to give subsidies to textile companies that manufacture traditional Islamic dress. There was nothing in it about Jews, nothing in it about Christians, it only said that companies over there would get a subsidy encouraging Islamic dress and not Levis. And BOOM thats translated into Stars of David to be worn by Jews. It is a total fraud just like the PR company who in 1990 hired the daughter of the company owner, who had never been to Kuwait, and had her make claims that she saw babies being thrown out of incubators, which of course turned out was a total lie. We are being lied to over and over again.

Expanding on this, all of this turmoil is about Israel being able to dominate that region with US control and help. It's also about turning off the spigots of oil. Historian Webster Tarpley agrees with that analysis, so does Investigative Journalist Greg Palast. We have the oil company documents that detail their plan to turn off the oil. Its about getting permanent bases there, its about taking over the whole region in the next "ten year plan," as they call it and then domestically its about a political distraction and a political football because in a war we have to get behind "our leaders." Israel is already saying they have to go all the way into southern Syria which then sets us up for some convenient attacks here in the US, that the government can claim were carried out by Hezbollah or Hamas (both of which are under CIA control) and pretty soon we will find ourselves invading Iran.

As a side note, on the off chance than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does produce two Israeli soldiers, we then know for sure that he is a government agent. As we've been covering there is absolutely no way to transport soldiers from Syria over to Iran without being noticed. The whole area is filled with soldiers and fighter planes and there is a control grid blanket across the area.

Why do we say there is a chance, a good chance, a fifty-fifty chance that the whole Iran regime is a staged event? Our government in 1953 overthrew Mossadeq by using staged terror attacks. We put the Shah in, then in 1979 he gets overthrown. The CIA, operating out of Paris, was admittedly involved with the overthrow. The CIA then flies in the Ayatollah Khomeini, who they had been protecting for decades, from Paris to Iran and suddenly he grabs a bunch of hostages. The crisis is all blamed on Jimmy Carter and Reagan, under the control of Bush Sr., former CIA director, signs a back-room deal for hundreds of millions in missile launchers, weapons guidence systems, and cash for the Iranians to hold the hostages until the day of Reagan's inauguration. As soon as Reagan takes office, the hostages are released. Reagan comes out looking like a tough guy. It was all staged.

We know Bill Clinton in 1998 sent 45 million dollars into Iran who then funded Al Qaeda. This is all in a public Senate report by the Republicans: the plan was to attack the Serbs, blow up school buses, attack schools, using Al CIAda who is always starting fires and doing the globalist bidding. The serbs fought back and Al Qaeda was forced to pull out. Now we see Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doing everything he is supposed to do to seemingly help push along a war on his own country by the US and Israel.

Upon first review of the claims that Iran was going to receive the captured Israeli soldiers, it seemed completely far-fetched, but further consideration of the players involved in this conflict revealed exactly why Iran would take such a deadly step. We know that Israel controls Hammas. We know that Israel manipulates Hezbollah (so guaranteed there are many nexus points here). Accepting the Israeli soldiers into Iran only benfits Israel and the Globalist interests in the US. Ahmadinejad has been widely acclaimed as being involved in holding the captives back in the Jimmy Carter era under the Ayatollah Khomeini. We know that was a CIA operation. There is no debating that our government staged that with them and made a deal to hold it off until Reagan was in the Whitehouse. That is how sophisticated these people are.

Three years ago, many of Infowars' military sources indicated that any attacks of Iran would be limited and that the focus of any spread of the Iraq conflict would be on Syria. Now however those same sources are revealing that the conflict could encompass both Iran and Syria. At this point everything is up in the air. Ahmadinejad could be another Globalist setup like Saddam Hussein. Saddam was their boy from the time they hired him in 1954 and trained him as an assassin before moving him in 1969 to the head of Bathist security forces. The CIA made a deal to make him the head of security intelligence in trade for putting an end to their secret campaign to kill Iranian leaders. In 1979 the CIA staged a coup and put Saddam in power only to later set him up, telling him to go ahead and invade Kuwait so that they could pull the rug out from under him.

Again we know there are dealings between our government, Israel and Iran. We know that they've been in bed together before on attacking the Serbs and many other secret operations, but right now we don't know what they are going to pull. We just all have to be aware of these different ingredients.

This is a modified transcript of the discussion held by Jack Blood and Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show on Friday, July 14, 2006.



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