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'US meddles in Lebanon's affairs'

Press TV | August 5, 2007

The Free National Current of Lebanon says the United States wants to plunge Lebanon into chaos like what it has done in Iraq and Palestine.

A member of the Free National Current of Lebanon Antoine Khoury Harb condemned the US Ambassador's to Beirut Jeffrey Feltman for interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs, saying Feltman always holds meetings with leaders of March 14 ruling party.

Khoury Harb also accused Feltman of provoking the Christian faction of March 14 group to counter the popular powers being developed in National Free Current and confront the presidency win of Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement Party.

Referring to US and western countries' support for March 14 Ruling Party, he said," Americans want to slide Lebanon's internal situation into chaos like Iraq and Palestine.

The prominent member of Free National Current added that according to polls the Free National Current's candidate will win the parliamentary by-elections on Sunday.

Voters in Beirut and northern Matn will cast votes to replace the two dead lawmakers.

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