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Fox Host Decides The Best Solution To North Korea Nuke Test May Be A Military Response

News Hounds | October 9 2006

Today on Fox On Line with Gregg Jarrett substituting for Bill Hemmer he spoke with Ambassador Martin Indyck fromt the Brookings Institution regarding the possible nuclear testing from North Korea.

In fact the whole show was dedicated to this story. What I didn't expect was for Jarrett to attempt to solve the problem with just one sentence.

Indyk said that perhaps it would take one on one talks between North Korea and the U.S. Jarrett pointed out that Clinton had tried that and all the time North Korea had cheated on that.

At the end of the segment Jarrett summed it up with this statement, "Maybe a miliatary response is the only way to send a message that the cost will be unmistakeable, not just for Kim Jong Il, but for Ahmadinejad from Iran."

Comment: So, there you have it, no diplomacy required, let's just use military force for North Korea and Iran. So nice to see the editorial response from the Fox talking heads.




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