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Kim Jong-Il could suffer same fate as Romania's Ceausescu: press

AFP | October 17 2006

A report that Kim Jong-Il asked his advisers to view a videotape of the 1989 trial and execution of Romania's former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu prompted the Romanian press Tuesday to predict a similar fate for the North Korean leader.
"Kim Jong-Il could receive the same fate as Ceausescu," the daily Jurnalul National noted, after an article in Britain's Sunday Times said Kim had ordered North Korean leaders to watch the tape.

The daily Romania Libera added in its headline: "Nuclear Kim studies the end of the Ceausescus."

Favorably impressed by a visit to Pyongyang in the 1970s during the reign of Kim Jong-Il's father Kim Il-Sung, the Romanian dictator, upon his return home, began building up his own cult of personality, Evenimentul Zilei reported.

"China wants to get rid of Kim Jong-Il in the same way the Soviet Union did with Ceausescu," the newspaper added, while the daily Cotidianul wrote that China was "studying the option."

The newspaper noted, however, that former President Ion Iliescu, who deposed the Romanian dictator, "denies Beijing contacted him for advice," as reported in the Sunday Times.

China called on North Korea Tuesday not to escalate international tensions after Pyongyang on Tuesday dismissed the UN resolution imposing sanctions over its nuclear weapons test as a "declaration of war."


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