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North Korean nuclear test would be 'incendiary': White House

AFP | October 6 2006

The White House warned Friday that a North Korean nuclear test would be an "incendiary" event threatening Pyongyang's neighbors, but it refused to comment on the possible timing of the test.

"I'm not going to comment on any of our intelligence," White House deputy spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters.

Japan said North Korea could test a nuclear device as early as this weekend.

"The international community has joined us in sending a clear signal to the North Koreans that any such test of a nuclear device would be unacceptable," Perino said.

"And this hostile act would be most incendiary and threatening to North Korea's immediate neighbors," she said.

"It would be destabilizing to the region and could lead to further escalation of tensions. And a test, by its very nature, could advance the North Koreans' capabilities," the spokeswoman added.

White House chief spokesman Tony Snow said Thursday that a US diplomat's warning that a nuclear-armed North Korea would be "unacceptable" was "not a lethal threat" against the Stalinist regime.


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