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Fox Intimates That the Bush Administration is Happy that North Korea Conducted a Nuclear Test

News Hounds | October 9 2006

At 12:31 a.m. ET today (October 9, 2006), when the AP broke the news that North Korea conducted a nuclear test, Fox's weather gal, Janice Dean, who came from the Don Imus Show, broke in to make the announcement. During her halting report Fox ran chyrons like, "Report: North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test," "North Korean News Agency Says Nuclear Test Conducted," and "U.S. Defense Officials: No Confirmation of Nuclear Test."

Seconds later, Fox's legal analyst Megyn Kendall came on and said that she heard this weekend that the only thing that would "knock" the GOP/Mark Foley scandal off the air was a North Korean nuclear test.

Comment: It now appears that the AP got it right. Never mind the tremendous implications of this -- it's all about GOP politics, all the time, on Fox "News."


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