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US Tracking North Korean Vessel

Crooks and Liars | October 22 2006


The United States is tracking a North Korean ship described as suspicious by a U.S. official, Agence France-Presse reported from Washington.

The vessel left a North Korean port and may be carrying military equipment banned under UN sanctions imposed after North Korea carried out a nuclear test on Oct. 9., AFP said, citing a CBS News report.

[..]The United Nations Security Council on Oct. 14 voted to impose sanctions on North Korea after the country tested a nuclear bomb five days earlier. The resolution bars the sale or transfer of missiles, warships, tanks, attack helicopters and combat aircraft, as well as missile and nuclear-related goods to the North Korean government, and includes cargo searches for contraband material. Read on...

Granted, I wouldn't trust Kim Jong Il as far as I could throw him, but how does this jibe with his expressions of regret and assurances that there will be no further Pyongyang tests?



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