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Syria: Israel waging another war

Press TV | September 10, 2007

Syria says Israel is planning to wage another war in the region after the Israeli army staged military exercises on the Golan Heights.

The state-run Syrian daily al-Thawra said on Sunday that a recent war game by the Israeli military on the occupied Golan Heights has sent a clear message reflecting Israel's intention for waging a new war in the region.

Tel Aviv's preparations for another war could not be hidden from Damascus and the military operations have been carried out before the eyes of the Syrians, the daily added.

The Israeli army had earlier launched several war games on the Golan Heights and the most recent one, which was staged in August, heightened tension between Tel Aviv and Damascus.

Also on Thursday, Israeli warplanes violated the Syrian airspace and reportedly dropped "ammunitions" over deserted areas of northern Syria.


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