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Blame Bush, Blame Obama, But Don’t Look Behind The Curtain

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Bob Livingston
Personal Liberty Digest
December 19, 2011

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, some (most) members of Congress and big banksters around the globe are breathing a sigh of relief today. A poll shows most Americans are now blaming President Barack Obama for killing the economy.

For three years, Obama and a complicit media have done a good job of blaming Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, for the dire state of the economy. After all, the meme goes, Bush spent money willy-nilly, cut taxes and got us into expensive wars. But Obama has spent more money and started more wars than Bush. So now there’s a new scapegoat.

The aforementioned group of elites and their string-pullers are quite happy with the news because, as long as Americans remain in their stupor, nothing will change. Americans will blame this President or that, but they will never go to the root of the problem for a solution. And it’s a problem that must be removed root and branch.

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