The Secret Corporate Takeover
The real intent of these provisions is to impede economy and protect citizens.
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
FBI: Plane hacker claims he hacked hard and often
Admitted to making plane change course.
by The Inquirer

Latest Self-Driving Google Car Heading to Public Streets
“We want to partner to bring self-driving to all the vehicles in the world.”
by Associated Press
North Carolina Woman Being Evicted From Her Own Land For Living in Tent
An overstep and abuse of power by the city/county authorities.
by Patriot Daily

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Proclaims – It’s Not Enough to Follow the Law, You Must Love Big Brother
“The creepiest thing David Cameron has ever said.”
by Michael Krieger
Judge: Police are conducting 3 MILLION "investigations' of motorists every week!
No clear evidence that license plate scanning lowers crime.
by MassPrivateI

Transparency? Acting TSA Chief Refuses to Discuss Airport Security Flaws With Congress
“At first we heard a variety of excuses…”
by Susan Jones
Roomba Maker to Develop "Smart Robots" to Surveil Your Home
Your very own Imperial probe droids mapping your living room, bedroom, kitchen…
by Kit Daniels

Why Are So-Called Progressives Defending Special Ops Training?
Jade Helm 15 is not a joke and must be taken seriously.
by Carol Miller
DHS, IRS, Debt Collectors Fight to Expand Use of License Plate Tracking Devices
Constitutionalists should sense something sinister in the IRS’s purchase of license plate tracking technology.
by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Edward Snowden warns data retention laws are 'dangerous'
The former NSA contractor who lifted the lid on mass surveillance in the US has a message for Australians living with new data retention laws: “You are being watched.”
by Claire Reilly
How CISA Threatens Both Privacy and Cybersecurity
Information sharing just doesn’t work like CISA advocates imagine.
by Andrea Castillo

Paul tells tech-heavy crowd he's against NSA data collection
“There’s not one other candidate… willing to say, `On Day One, I’d stop it all. I’d end all bulk collection of records.'”
by Ellen Knickmeyer
Ex-NSA security staffer: Apple Macs are wide open to malware
“AV [anti-virus] developers seem to be resting on their laurels.”
by John Layden

This Database Gathers the Resumes of 27,000 Intelligence Workers
The “ICWATCH” database—a play on the NSA data-sharing program ICREACH—shows intel workers public information.
by Joseph Cox
Tracking kids via microchip 'can't be far off,' says expert
“I microchip my dog, why couldn’t I microchip my son?”
by Barry Davis