Transparently Bad: U.S. Whistleblowers Feel Blowback
Of 2,900 cases last year, 1,400 involved retaliation against whistleblowers…
by Kenric Ward
Despite Obama’s Pledge to Curb It, NSA Mass Surveillance Wins Rubber Stamp
Mass surveillance just earned another 90-day blank check, nine months after President Obama promised to rein in the NSA’s spying powers.
by Justin Volz

No evidence whistleblower Edward Snowden raised concerns internally: NSA
NSA Associate Director for Policy and Records: “…search did not identify any email written by Mr Snowden…”
by AFP
Glenn Greenwald rattles New Zealand with ‘spying’ claims
Journalist claims Government Communications Security Bureau snooped on New Zealanders as part of Five Eyes pact between US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Justice Sotomayor: Americans Should be Alarmed by Spread of Drones
“There are drones flying over the air randomly that are recording everything that’s happening…”
by Jacob Gershman

Mystery drone lands in family's backyard
The Drone, valued at around $500, was equipped with an onboard camera.
by Jonathan Carlson
Google Says Not To Worry About 5 Million 'Gmail Passwords' Leaked
This will likely be used to demand loss of privacy for “authentication purposes.”
by Kashmir Hill

Switzerland ‘unlikely to extradite Snowden,' if he appears for NSA testimony
Snowden’s safety can thus be guaranteed if it is ruled that the charges against him have a “predominantly political character.”
by RT
Russia Plans New Fines That Could Bankrupt Mass Media
Russian authorities have in recent years tightened their grip over most spheres of public life.
by The Moscow Times

Patriot Act’s absurd new spawn: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse
Creative legal interpretations may now enable the government to sign off on things that will blow your mind.
by Marcy Wheeler
Scotland Yard refuses to disclose number of times it obtained journalist phone records
Scotland Yard investigating police mole in Plebgate saga seized records of Sun political editor without consent.
by Lisa O'Carroll

School district rethinks plan to activate microphones on buses
But video will likely be recorded.
by Kyle Olson
US scientists working on mind-controlled drones for military use
Specific commands can eventually be received by an advanced drone.

Surveillance watchdog warns police over false identities on social media
Cops invade social media to surveil targets.
by Alan Travis
Law Enforcement Agencies Scramble For Pricey Cell Tower Spoofer Upgrades As Older Networks Are Shut Down
Law enforcement agencies are moving quickly to avoid being locked out of the cell tower spoofing racket.
by Tim Cushing