Canadian Broadcasting Corporation "stonewalled" Snowden story, says Greenwald
Also: Globe and Mail broke promise to release full Snowden spying document.
by Jesse Brown
RAND Corporation: Social Media Spreads Extremism
RAND and globalist foundations work hand-in-hand.

The BBC is Using Anti-Terror Surveillance to Find Tax Dodgers
The BBC is using laws designed to catch terrorists and organized crime networks to track down people who dodge the license fee.
by Michael Krieger
'Arm British police' says US intelligence chairman
Mike Rogers, Republican congressman who heads committee which oversees 16 US intelligence agencies, expresses concern over unarmed British police in face of a growing terror threat
by David Barrett

CIA Apparently 'Impersonated' Senate Staffers To Gain Access To Documents On Shared Drives
Impersonating staff to gain access to Senate Torture Report straight-up espionage.
by Tim Cushing
Lubbock Smoking Ban Could Expand to Regulation Inside Cars and Homes
Proposed ordinance will put many local merchants out of business.
by Chad Hasty

Congress examining deal between NSA official, ex-agency chief
NSA insider works part-time for private company.
by Reuters
High-Level NSA Official Tied To Husband's Private Signals Intelligence Business, Has A Second Business That Owns A Plane
NSA hasn’t offered anything in the way of comments on this suspicious-looking arrangement.
by Tim Cushing

Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules
“Legal precedent” on issue of parental responsibility over children’s online activity.
by Jacob Gershman
South Korea tries to ease cyber surveillance fears
Company lost customers due to gov’t spying.
by Reuters

FBI Director: If Apple and Google Won't Decrypt Phones, We'll Force Them To
Comey went ballistic on Apple and Google’s decision to make everything more private.
by Motherboard
Local Cops Say Your Driving History Is Public — Unless You Want a Copy
“Public” database contains 3.7 million records
by Dan Novack

New York’s Virtual Currency Regulations Invade Privacy and Hamper Innovation
Government attempts to control currency.
by Rainey Reitman
NSA Documents Suggest a Close Working Relationship Between NSA, U.S. Companies
“Contractual relationships” between the NSA and U.S. companies.
by Jeff Larson, Julia Angwin

Google discloses vulnerability in web encryption technology
SSL 3.0 is still widely used.
by Reuters
Censorship Alert: the Alternative Media Harassed by the NSA
United States engaged in aggressive campaign that targets independent media and falsifies history.
by Christof Lehmann