Apple Pay: Users Can Now Make Purchases With The 'Simple Touch Of A Finger'
System pushes public closer to “cashless society.”
NYC Approves Sensors to Pinpoint Gunfire
Gunshot microphones proven to capture conversations.
by Associated Press

City used high-tech tracking software at '13 Boston Calling
Concertgoers recorded without their knowledge.
by Nestor Ramos
Switzerland ‘unlikely to extradite Snowden,' if he appears for NSA testimony
Snowden’s safety can thus be guaranteed if it is ruled that the charges against him have a “predominantly political character.”
by RT

Russia Plans New Fines That Could Bankrupt Mass Media
Russian authorities have in recent years tightened their grip over most spheres of public life.
by The Moscow Times
Patriot Act’s absurd new spawn: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse
Creative legal interpretations may now enable the government to sign off on things that will blow your mind.
by Marcy Wheeler

Scotland Yard refuses to disclose number of times it obtained journalist phone records
Scotland Yard investigating police mole in Plebgate saga seized records of Sun political editor without consent.
by Lisa O'Carroll
School district rethinks plan to activate microphones on buses
But video will likely be recorded.
by Kyle Olson

DARPA’s Tiny Implants Will Hook Directly Into Your Nervous System
Human trials within 5 years.
by Sebastian Anthony
Smartphone Kill Switch Mandate Raises Privacy Concerns
Kill switch bills now being considered in Illinois, New York and Rhode Island.
by Lindsay Wise

EU to Ban High-Energy Hair Dryers, Smartphones and Kettles
Decision follows controversial ban on “powerful vacuum cleaners.”
by Bruno Waterfield & Emily Gosden
Feds Deny "Vehicle to Vehicle Communications" Tech Will Be Used to Spy on Drivers
“Basic Safety Message” to broadcast GPS signal.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Neuroscientists Say It's Possible to Overwrite Bad Memories
Would make bad events in the past seem better and good things appear worse, scientists have found.
by Katie Forster

Your Cell Phone Company Says Your Location Info Is Private. Think Again.
US cell carriers won’t say what they’re doing to stop private companies from tracking your whereabouts.
by Dana Liebelson
Poll: People are self-censoring discussion of the NSA on Facebook and Twitter
People were less willing to discuss the Snowden-NSA story in social media than they were in person.
by The Stone Zone