Scientist: Robots Could Murder Humans -- Out of Kindness
Comments follow tweets by Tesla-founder earlier this month who said AI could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
by Ellie Zolfagharifard
Legal teams gang up on NSA over spy programs
ACLU joins with EFF to fight NSA.
by Bob Unruh

NSA Scaring People Away From Tor
Authorities’ interest in tracking Tor users is only getting more aggressive.
by Adam Clark Estes
City Plans Public Surveillance System
Taxpayers expected to fund cameras.
by Tom Perkins

University Bans Social Media, Political Content and Wikipedia Pages on Dorm Wifi
Denies students access to social media sites and other content university deems “unethical” or “obscene.”
by Sage Lazzaro
Fliers May be Getting Overcharged on TSA Fees
The longer layovers for many of these flights mean they are now charged as separate flights, which doubles the price.
by Bart Jansen

Darrell Issa to Investigate ‘Do-Nothing’ Patent Office Employees
Employees routinely do “little to no work” by abusing the agency’s generous telework policies.
by Dustin Volz
Study: TSA Full-Body X-Ray Scanners Miss Guns, Explosives, Knives
Researcher: “Frankly, we were shocked by what we found.”

NSA cyberwarfare could pick wrong targets, Snowden says
Cyberattacks are often routed through computers in innocent third countries.
by James Rogers
Congressman Wants to Curb Military Surplus Program
City streets should be a place for businesses and families, “not tanks and M16s.”
by Matthew Daly

Rep. King Blames Protesters for Situation in Ferguson, MO
Angry residents need to “straighten up and fly right.”
The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson
Destructive by-product of several decades of deliberate militarization of American policing.
by Glenn Greenwald

Objection to Google's $8.5M Privacy Deal
Consumer advocacy group cries foul.
by Courthouse News
Snowden: NSA Took Down Syria's Internet, Targeted China
NSA recently provided Israel with intel to target Palestinians.
by Kurt Nimmo

Google Satellites Will Zoom In On Faces
Google will soon have an unprecedented ability to spy on you from space.
by Motherboard Vice
Snowden: There's A "Holy Sh_t" Smoking Gun Revelation Coming
Whistleblower says government believes he has information that “would be the death of them all politically”.
by Steve Watson