How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies
Computer lives on your body.
by Lev Grossman
​5 million ‘compromised’ Google accounts leaked
5 million Google account login and password pairs leaked to Russian cyber security internet forum.

How NASA Plans to Open 'Air Highways' for Drones
“We might have highways in the sky, with a bunch of [drones] going in a similar direction,” says NASA scientist.
by Jason Koebler
The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here
Are you ready to have your veins scanned every time you use your bank account?
by Michael Snyder

First look at Apple's iPhones, mobile pay, Apple Watch
Apple ushers in dangerous era of thumbprint payment.
by Edward C. Baig
U.S. spy chief endorses bill that would limit NSA powers
At first, the legislation was widely championed by civil libertarian groups and privacy activists.
by Dell Cameron

Apple Pay: Users Can Now Make Purchases With The 'Simple Touch Of A Finger'
System pushes public closer to “cashless society.”
NYC Approves Sensors to Pinpoint Gunfire
Gunshot microphones proven to capture conversations.
by Associated Press

Google 'quantum' Computer Chip to Have 'Machines Think Like Humans' One Day
Part of a “hardware initiative” to design and build chips operating on sub-atomic levels.
by AFP
Appeals court skeptical of government phone surveillance
“You can collect everything there is to know about everybody and have it all in one big government cloud,” judge says.
by Richard Wolf

NSA Docs Reveal US Hand in Tracking and Killing Kurdish Separatists
Turkish government is ‘both partner and target’ for US spying, Der Spiegel and Intercept jointly report.
by Lauren McCauley
Turkey Summons US Envoy Over Spying Report
Top diplomat in Ankar demands explanation.
by Press TV

Hackers Steal Security Check Data From 25,000+ DHS Employees
Hackers may have been from a foreign country.
by William Bigelow
How the NSA Helped Turkey Kill Kurdish Rebels
Kurdish fighters formerly targeted by US now supported in fight against ISIS.
by Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach, Michael Sontheimer & Holger Stark

DARPA’s Tiny Implants Will Hook Directly Into Your Nervous System
Human trials within 5 years.
by Sebastian Anthony
Smartphone Kill Switch Mandate Raises Privacy Concerns
Kill switch bills now being considered in Illinois, New York and Rhode Island.
by Lindsay Wise