Los Angeles police using CIA software to track criminals, ex-cons
New software used by LAPD tracks ex-cons and others likely to commit crimes…
by RT.com
Regulating the Internet threatens entrepreneurial freedom
Threats from Washington to stifle freedom, entrepreneurship and creativity online.
by Ted Cruz

Dragnet: Justice Dept gets airborne to spy on thousands of American cellphone users
New disclosures show the Justice Department is engaged in dragnet surveillance using aircraft.
by RT
FBI Might Have Used Drones To Spy On Defendant In Senator Leland Yee Corruption Case
“It appears the FBI agents were also deceiving a federal judge about whether aerial surveillance was occurring at all.”
by Max A. Cherney

Facebook pushes for more payments, more targeted ads with new privacy policy
Social media giant wants to make more money off your private data.
by PC World

Public Increasingly Wary of the NSA, Poll Finds
Americans should be concerned about the government’s monitoring of phone calls and Internet communications.
by Patrick Tucker
Watch out: the US government wants to pass new spying laws behind your back
Dangerous cybersecurity legislation would allow Google and Facebook to hand over even more of your information to the NSA and FBI.
by Trevor Timm

How Journalists Are Arming Themselves to Safely Report Post-Snowden
As government pushes and prosecutes America’s top reporters, journalists shift to protect Americans’ right to information.
by Eliza Krigman
Snowden: Congress Needs to Encrypt Emails
“The only people who know what’s gong on in our government are our enemies, and I don’t think that’s a sustainable model.”
by Julian Hattem

Will Republicans Continue Scrutiny of the NSA?
Midterm election results will flip Senate committees.
by Tom Risen
New Amazon Device Uses Voice Recognition to Track Users in Their Homes
“It’s always on… voice recognition hears you from across the room”
by Mikael Thalen

Rap Sheets, Watchlists and Spy Networks Now Available With Single Click
Law enforcement officials nationwide now have ability to search multiple sensitive databases…
by NextGov.com
The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control
NSA will be able to collect 966 exabytes a year.
by Antony Loewenstein

Attkisson: Hacking Software Was from FBI, CIA, DIA or NSA
Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson alleges in her new book, “Stonewalled,” that both her personal and work computers were hacked over a lengthy period of time by someone in the government. On “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight, Attkisson said that she received inside information from government-connected sources that she had been hacked. […]
by Fox News Insider
If You Really Think It Matters Which Party Controls the Senate, Answer These Questions
Moral hazard is the Status Quo’s Prime Directive.
by Zero Hedge