New 'Artificial Intelligence Software' Capable of 'Near Human-Level' Image-Recognition
Censorship concerns raised over Google and Stanford programs that translate complex images into written text.
by Mikael Thalen

USA Freedom Act for NSA reform is voted down in the Senate
New legislation will be required if the NSA wants to have continued easy access to these records.
by Adi Robertson, Nathan Ingraham
China Stops Censoring the Web—for Three Days, in One City
Great firewall cracked for participants at a technology conference…
by Bloomberg

AT&T Quietly Backs Away From Its Use of Advanced Tracking Cookies
“AT&T says it has stopped its controversial practice of adding a hidden, undeletable tracking number to its mobile customers’ Internet activity.”
by Karl Bode
'ISIS! 9/11!' NSA reform bill killed in US Senate over terror fears
NSA-backed politicians celebrate surveillance win.
by RT

Anti-Jarrett Author Faces Backlash – Scrambles For Cover
Odd and ongoing influence of the Jarrett White House.
by D.W. Ulsterman
Justice Department Defends US Marshals’ Airborne Cell Tower Spoofers
Refuses to acknowledge program exists.
by Tim Cushing

Watch out: the US government wants to pass new spying laws behind your back
Dangerous cybersecurity legislation would allow Google and Facebook to hand over even more of your information to the NSA and FBI.
by Trevor Timm
ISPs Removing Their Customers' Email Encryption
It is important that ISPs immediately stop this unauthorized removal of their customers’ security measures.
by Jacob Hoffman-Andrews

'See Something, Say Something' Promotional Items Handed Out at NFL Games
Homeland Security mouse pads tell football fans to report “unusual” activity.
by Mikael Thalen
Device Prevents Cars From Starting If Loans Aren’t Paid
Targeted toward people with no credit history or poor credit scores…
by CBS Denver

Carnegie Mellon University Working To Decode Brains & Read Your Thoughts
“For the first time, we can get inside people’s heads the way you’ve never been able to before…”
by Susan Koeppen
New Smart Collar Tracks Dog's Health
Monitor dogs’ vital signs around the clock, including temperature, pulse and respiration.

Dating Site Uses Biometrics to Verify Online Dating Profiles
Members forced to present government issued IDs.
by Stephen Mayhew
Rap Sheets, Watchlists and Spy Networks Now Available With Single Click
Government compiling information into central database.
by Aliya Sternstein