Verizon Offers Free Gifts to Customers Who Consent to Surveillance
Wireless company in middle of NSA scandal offers gift cards for your web surfing and location history.
by Kit Daniels
TSA Pounded Over Airline Ticket 'security fee' Hike
Agency receives more than 300 comments through Friday largely critical of new fees.
by Bart Jansen

 Former State Department Executive Calls Executive Order 12333 a “Legal Loophole” for Spying on Americans
It’s time for the NSA and the Obama Administration to give the American public an honest answer.
by Rainey Reitman
IRS Says Hard Drive That Lost Emails Destroyed
Standard procedure to destroy old data storage equipment.
by Associated Press

Tea Party Groups' Suit Against IRS Moves Forward
IRS discriminated and retaliated in violation of free speech rights.
by Amanda Lee Myers
Flashback: Governments Admit They Carry Out False Flag Terror
You can’t call it a conspiracy theory when the government admits it.
by Washington's Blog

Censorship war: Website unmasks links Google is blocking from search results
State power is being exercised without the involvement of the state
by RT
Obama Pushes Transportation Money at Closed Bridge
Collaboration between state and local governments and private-sector investors.
by Darlene Superville

The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control
NSA has “totalitarian mentality” that is “greatest threat” to US society since Civil War.
by Antony Loewenstein
Documents Show NSA Knew London Guardian Was Pressured To Destroy Snowden Files
While the White House publicly denounced UK government’s actions, spy chiefs secretly lauded it.
by Steve Watson

Bloggers, Surveillance and Obama’s Orwellian State
Journalists and historians argue the White House has been more secret than previous occupants.
by Justin Lynch
Feds Investigate "Racist" Depiction of Obama as a Zombie
Making fun of the president is now considered a domestic threat requiring DOJ intervention.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Now You Can Control Google Glass With Your Mind
New app not yet approved by Google.
by Victor Luckerson
DoJ Declines to Pursue Allegations that CIA Monitored Senate Intel Staff
The Justice Department has decided not to pursue accusations that the CIA spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee and allegations that committee staff slipped classified documents from a secure agency facility, McClatchy has confirmed. “The department carefully reviewed the matters referred to us and did not find sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation,” said […]
by Ali Watkins

Cashless Society Results in Less Liberty
Trend toward a cashless society brings to mind George Orwell’s tyrannical Big Brother.
by John F. McManus
Senate Committee Passes CISA Cybersecurity Bill that Could Broaden NSA Powers
Critics fear it may broaden the NSA’s already formidable access to Americans’ data.