Mike Masnick | Committee has been pushing to release a supposedly devastating 6,000 page report about the CIA’s torture program.

Robert Wilde | For reportedly working as accomplices to South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook.

Reason.com | FISA court ordered Verizon “between zero to 999 times” to hand over content for 4,000 to 4,999 customer selectors.

Politico | Lawmakers continue to defend spy grid.

Tania Branigan | Experts said it was inevitable that China would make the shift, but probably not for several years.

Kit Daniels | Device captures private cell data from innocent third-parties not involved in investigation.

Charles Burris | The award-winning documentary, The Soviet Story.

Washington’s Blog | Are Americans Starting to Stand Up and Resist the Increasing Encroachments On Our Freedom?

LA Weekly | Intelligent video analytics, digital biometric identification and military-pedigree software for analyzing and predicting crime..

KOB.com | No, not UFO’s, UAV’s.

USA Today | Billions lost in potential contracts.

Infowars.com | Racism and divide et impera.

Washington’s Blog | UK and US Collect Millions of Webcam Images (Many Nude) … NSA Whistleblower Warns of “KGB/Stasi Tactics”.

Breitbart | NSA asked surveillance court for permission to retain millions of phone records beyond five-year limit.

The Guardian | Britain’s surveillance agency intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of internet users.

wsj.com | Gun-toting retired Venezuelan general engaging in a Rambo-like standoff with security forces.

Michael Snyder | Do you want solid proof that paid government shills are targeting websites, blogs, forums and social media accounts?

Washington’s Blog | The “Counter Reset”.

theguardian.com | Revelations of mistreatment of maids and cleaners add to picture of widespread labor abuse in World Cup host nation.

abcnews.go.com | The GOP has a tax plan — sort of.

Washington’s Blog | Reddit Moderators Go to Extreme Lengths to Censor the Most Important Story of the Year.

AFP | Smartphone makers are fighting for space on your wrist and your head.

Infowars.com | Blues legend Jimmie Vaughn takes on Big Brother.

Washington’s Blog | Spy Agencies Manipulate and Disrupt Web Discussions to Promote Propaganda and Discredit Government Critics.

Steve Watson | Security hole appeared just one month before NSA bragged it had penetrated Apple servers.

Truth Revolt | Private information for over 11 million students is being collected.

USA Today | “The government will basically be doing background checks on everyone who flies.”

Theodore Dalrymple | Surveillance under Ceaușescu was crude and sporadic by comparison.

Tech Dirt | Privacy concerns are part of the reason cell carriers oppose kill switch legislation.

AP | Lawsuit challenges the practice.

The Guardian | William Martini declares Muslims’ constitutional rights were not violated in ruling described by plaintiffs’ lawyers as preposterous.

Jesse Walker | Commission also plans to look at newspaper and Internet content.

The Atlantic | Government wants nat’l database noting where license plates were spotted. Congress should regulate runaway data-collection industry instead.

Mikael Thalen | Police claim program will only compare surveillance video to mugshot database.

The Wall Street Journal | Spy agency responds to leaks with more tyranny and evil.

Washington Post | DHS forced to respond to exposure by Infowars.

Infowars.com | “A truce has been declared. The main thing is to protect human life.”

Tech Dirt | It took nearly three years for the NSA and the DHS to get the joke.

EFF.org | US gov’t is trying to get countries with less speech-protective laws to engage in prosecutions that would violate the Constitution if tried here.

Daily Beast | Clapper now believes it would have been better not to lie under oath.

Consumerist | National security letters are subpoenas from the FBI.

RT | Gov’t also tracked the human network of Wikileaks.

Chicago Tribune | Law firm doesn’t admit to incident.

Mikael Thalen | Drone industry set to see massive growth as government surveillance jobs outgrow private sector uses.

Alex Newman | OECD last week officially unveiled a new socialist-backed plot to create a global tax information-sharing regime.

WND | U.S. military plans invasive program to track people by “physiological signatures.”

The Hill | Latest revelation highlights NSA’s long reach with foreign agencies.

Infowars.com | Petty tyrants bring their abusive behavior home, as this Infowars contest entry shows.

Don Thompson | California would become the first state to require warning labels on sodas.

AWR Hawkins | Estimates show “as little as 15 percent of the rifles classified as assault weapons owned by Connecticut residents were registered.”

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